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Events such as races are among the most important events in the sporting calendar. People go out in large numbers regularly to support their favourite teams. Other people just love being part of iconic events like Wembley and Wimbledon finals to enjoy the competition and watching famous athletes. One of the most beloved events is the Races in the UK which usually attract huge crowds. During these races, planning is necessary as transport availability gets limited as we get closer to the major race days.

At Minibus Hull coach hire, we take our customers to the races of their choice in comfort and style. You can book online or with our agents over the phone and be assured that you will arrive for the race with plenty of time at hand. Minibus Hull coach hire will also make return journey for you back to your home or selected drop off point. We can transport small groups of up to 16 people using our minibuses and also large groups of up to 72 people via our coaches.

We are an expert minibus and coach Hire Company for races, and we have been the main choice of Hull residents to all major racing events. We have transported many groups to Beverly Racecourse, Huntingdon Racecourse, Yorkshire Horse Racing, Hull Racecourse and many others racecourses across the UK. Furthermore, our experience has helped us to understand the special requirement of races such as timekeeping, prior planning, parking fees, traffic estimates, and picnic luggage. So when we give you a quotation for the races will be inclusive of all these elements. Your drivers will also be given special instructions with regards to routes and parking so that your journey goes smoothly. Give us a call today and let us take care of your transport needs.

Horse racing

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