Nights Out

Nights Out - Minibus Hull

Our minibus Hull vehicles are the preferred choice for the night out trips. Our fleet comprises of a large number of varied vehicles. Regardless of your group size, we have a suitable vehicle for you. All our vehicles are the latest model of popular brands such as Volkswagen and Mercedes, fully equipped with the latest accessories and safety features. Your gang can have a comfortable trip, cooling down with the vehicle's powerful air-conditioning, and listing to your favourite tunes in the vehicle's infotainment system. The wide aisles make it easy to move around and continue the revelry.

The drivers who accompany our minibus Hull vehicles are sober and experienced.They have taken much night out trips before, and are fully competent to handle any eventualities.

The top nightclubs in Hull and ATIQ, Spiders, Club Valbon, Bongo Bongo, Fuel, the Welley, Funktion Hull, Lizard Lounge, Yate's, and more. Our minibus Hull drivers are locals, and familiar with all these establishments.

To reserve a vehicle, simply give us a call. Our dedicated and committed customer support team, working on a 24x7 basis, is ever ready to offer a custom quote, and fulfil all your special requests. They track your trip and ensure everything goes off smoothly, without a hitch.

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70 King Edward Street, Hull, HU1 3SQ

01482 968014

Mon to Sun :24 hours